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Hoosier Railroad Ghosts

Finding the reflections of what once was in what is.

  Danville - Amo Connection
Location: Danville south-southwest to Amo. The line cuts diagonally across fields, so little of the length is visible or accessible.

History: Apparently, the Terre Haute Indianapolis and Eastern's original plan for a line from Terre Haute to Indianapolis was to route the line from Amo to the existing Danville and Eastern at Danville. The line would turn northeast just west of Amo, cut across farm fields on private right-of-way, bridge the Big Four's cut at Danville, and then come into town from the south. According to newspaper articles from the time, the route was completely graded and rail laid for at least most of the route, except for the bridge over the Big Four. A secondary connection from Amo to Plainfield was also under construction, but the trackage east of Plainfield to Indianapolis was reportedly in poor condition compared to the Danville-Indianapolis line (keep in mind this was reported in the Danville papers). This connection crossed under the Vandalia at Cartersburg. This meant that the connection to Danville was not absolutely necessary, and so when the Big Four decided not to give the interurban permission to build the bridge without a legal fight, the line through Plainfield became the main line. The route from Amo to Danville was abandoned, stranding Danville at the end of a dead-end line from Indianapolis.

  What's left: Very little. Being that the grade was built across fields, and not parallel to roads or railroads, it was an easy matter to plow under most of the grade for planting. A cut is visible on the south side of Danville just north of the troublesome Big Four crossing, a fill still exists near CR 200S west of CR 125W, as does a possible culvert. I have not been able to check the status of any possible bridge locations, but I presume they are gone without a trace.
  Map: Coming soon.

Photos: Taken in the afternoon, 1/28/03

A possible culvert from the line. It is no longer located on what looks like the grade, so it may not be from the interurban. However, being solid concrete, it may have been moved from its original location.

Another view of the culvert. It looks like it may be used as a dam now. It is visible on the south side of CR 200S.


A portion of the grade, looking northeast from CR 200S. The grade looks like it may still continue through the woods in the background. A profile view of the same fill, showing the height of the grade. There is a gap where a creek cuts through. This may have been the original site of the culvert across the road. Looking southward at the cut in Danville. The bridge across the Big Four would have been located at the end of this cut.
Another view of the cut in Danville. Another view.