Hoosier Railroad Ghosts
My purpose in these pages is to portray forgotten and surprising parts of railroad history. I won't attempt to document every piece of old or abandoned railroads, but those particularly unique, unusual, beautiful, or now so far-gone from trains that it is unbelievable trains were ever there.

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Cartersburg, Hendricks County: THI&E (IRR), Vandalia (PRR). Two bridges and a tunnel.

Danville: THI&E. Half of a bridge and a playground.

Indianapolis: THI&E, PRR (Ind So). Two and a half bridges and three culverts.

Jamestown: THI&E. Concrete interurban bridge

Rail Grades

Indianapolis: Big Four. Remains of 1900 main line relocation.

Danville-Amo: THI&E. Remains of never finished 1900 interurban grade.


Danville: THI&E. Now a car repair garage.

Raber: NKP. Typical middle-of-nowhere depot, now farm shed. (Coming soon)

Winona Lake: PRR. Where Billy Sunday once boarded trains. (Coming soon)


Coming soon, links to aerials, notes on how to figure out where tracks went, and more...

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