A Greeting From the Webmaster

Welcome to what is still the first website devoted to all of Indiana's railroads.

While trying to figure out what to do with some webspace that I had lying around, I found that the Internet was lacking a comprehensive site on the railroads of the Hoosier state. There were (and are) good websites on portions of the state, but not one covering its full width and breadth. With as many railroads as Indiana once contained (and still contains), it seemed necessary to provide the world with an Indiana Railroads site.

This site has been up for almost seven years now and has accrued more than 63,000 hits. That's pretty good for a site. Thanks to everyone who visits regularly and posts messages on the board. I appreciate all the great comments.

I am a normal working guy, so this site is done in my other time. I am not affliated with any historical organization nor any railroad, so everything on this website is either mine, electronically donated, or linked to other sites.

I do request photos and maps and links and whatever else you might think is appropriate. I try to get things on in a reasonable amount of time, but messages do sometimes get buried, so sometimes it might be awhile. In the past five years, I have graduated, moved a few times, and gotten married, so I haven't always had a lot of time for this site. I do still have emails from the past five years that need to be added, and they will be eventually.

I hope to keep updating the site into the future so that every Hoosier railfan and rail historian and everyone else can enjoy it. If you have any comments, email me at indiana@railfan.net

If any one wants to know more about me personally, take a gander at my personal website.

Thank you everybody for your support,
Nathan M. Bilger
21 June, 2005

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