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Hoosier Railroad Ghosts

Finding the reflections of what once was in what is.

  Danville Interurban Depot
Location: Danville. Northwest corner of Indiana and Marion streets, one block east of the courthouse square. From Indianapolis, take US 36 west to Danville, turn left at the Dairy Queen and go south one block. The Carnegie library is on the opposite corner (and is a good source for old railroad information).

History: Built in the early 1900s by the Terre Haute Indianapolis and Eastern, or possible Indianapolis and Western, after a period of using a local store as a depot. The interurban tracks looped around the depot in order to turn cars around, as Danville was at the end of the line from Indianapolis. Presumably, the failed connection to Amo went west along Marion St. from the station. The line was abandoned in 1930.

  What's left: The depot is now part of Hackleman Auto, an car repair shop. A flat-roofed building in a similar type of brick was added to the north end of the depot by 1946. The depot's baggage door was replaced by a garage door, but the interior looks largely intact. The ticket window is still there, used as part of the shop office. The roof was replaced in July 2003, a sign that the depot will be in use for quite some time into the future.
  Map: 2001 aerial (from Hendricks County)

Photos: Taken 12/10/02. I will get more photos when I next have a chance.

The new building added onto the depot. The depot is seen at the left side. The south end of the depot. The interior here still includes a ticket window. The bay window of the depot. I'm not sure why there was a bay window, as this depot was in the middle of a loop.. The north end of the depot. I assume that there was a baggage door where the left garage door is now. The two buildings together.
The difference in the roof styles. The roof was replaced in 2003.